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"I am proud to introduce you to Transcrane’s Newsletter."

Pedro Ascenção - Chairman Transcrane Logistics

I am proud to introduce you to Transcrane’s Newsletter: an exclusive channel through which we’ll communicate with you from now on.

Now, we can share with our customers our news, highlights and services, among other topics that we consider relevant to improve not only our business but also yours.

This year, as previously, we continue to focus on the quality of our services, which is our core concern. Internally, we will continue to proceed in this direction, by maintaining our professional range of services and increasing our competitiveness.

We are attentive to all socio-economic changes and, motivated by these transformations, we are following trends with the goal of innovating our way of thinking, promoting and evaluating the business. With your cooperation, it is our aim to create differentiating, relevant and secure solutions.

I am grateful for your trust and commitment. Working together, we can be stronger and go further. We would like to continue walking this road with you.

See you soon.