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Pedro Ascenção, Chairman, comments on the performance of the 1st semester of 2017, revealing the objectives achieved by Transcrane

"Transcrane is one of the largest transport, lifting and logistics companies in Mozambique".

IH: How would you describe the performance of Transcrane during the first half of this year?

PA: As we all know, there has been a significant reduction of projects in 2017, in comparison to previous years. However, we were able to restructure the company in order to adapt it to the current market. As we continue to fight even against overwhelming odds, the first half of the year turned out to be positive.

IH: How do you explain this positive performance?

PA: Transcrane invested highly in the quality of its equipment, staff training and security. All our equipment and operators are certified, which gives a lot of security to our customers. For these reasons, we maintain the level of credibility and are a reference in the market.

IH: In terms of market positioning, how is Transcrane currently placed?

PA: During 2017, Transcrane has strengthened its competitive position. We know that the market is increasingly competitive, but we're still ahead, offering quality services to customers. We also have the advantage of covering the entire country, with branches, warehouses and workshops in Pemba, Nacala, Tete, Temane and Maputo.

IH: In 2017, which have been Transcrane’s priorities. What is the purpose of such measures? It is possible to assess any impact?

PA: As I said, our biggest focus has been in the quality of our equipment, staff, safety and certification. We are now finalizing the auditing process concerning the ISO 9001- Quality Management System, ISO14001 - Environmental Management System, OHSAS18001 - System for Safety and Health at Work certification, which will enable us to be certified by APCER.

IH: How do you intend to improve Transcrane’s interface with its customers? What are the objectives in this respect?

PA: We maintain excellent relations with our customers. We are attentive and we try to always suit their needs, never neglecting the quality of our services.