Transcrane logistics



Security is the foundation.

We believe that security systems will only be effective if they are well implemented and properly monitored.

The logistics sector is one of the areas that needs special attention regarding security, as it has different particularities from other activities. The complexity and responsibility of the service, the diversity of equipment and materials, the employees and its turnover, are crucial to prevent risks and ensure productivity.

In this context, in Transcrane we invest in certified quality security services. The training and certification of our employees, as well as the upgrading and certification of the equipment used, are key points in ensuring quality and safety in the provision of our services. We carry security in our DNA and in all the services we provide, whether in storage, in transport and in equipment rental or in integrated logistics solutions.

Currently, we are implementing ISO 9001- Quality Management System, ISO14001- Environmental Management System, OHSAS18001- System for Safety and Health at Work, to certify the Company. This process continuously takes place, with the collaboration of all employees, for the strategic and operational improvement of processes and procedures, as well as in promoting the effectiveness and efficiency of the services we provide.

In order to ensure that security is maintained, in Transcrane, our clients can count on a Security Department to monitor all operations across all projects. The focus on security has been central to risk prevention and to the normal development of projects in which we participate.