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Social responsibility


Supporting the Gorongosa

Our commitment goes beyond the sector in which we operate. Social responsibility is important to us.

It was with this purpose that we have decided to embrace a cause that we consider to be essential for humanity.

The Gorongosa National Park, opened in 1960, is one of the most biodiverse locations on the planet. It’s one of the most beautiful and special places of Africa and offers a remarkable variety of different ecosystems. The Gorongosa is the home of a wide variety of animal species, some of which are unique to this park.

During the war, after the independence, there was a significant loss of populations of different species. Therefore, as the Gorongosa needs to be protected, a hard but highly rewarding job is being carried out, and the results are key in protecting the Park and its majestic wildlife.

Transcrane is sensitive to the protection and conservation of the biodiversity of the Park, and has contributed to a research project involving its lions. The project aims to reintroduce and encourage the growth of this species in their natural habitat.

We thus support the preservation of the natural and animal heritage of Mozambique.